A guide on how 3d printing works.

with a Creality Ender V2.

Cleaning the Nozzle

If the hotend doesn’t properly let filament trough it might indicate that the Nozzle is clogged. Signs that indicate this are; the extruder motor is struggling to get filament trough, prints that are more air then material or the material curls after leaving the nozzle.

Before you start cleaning:

  • Preheat the Nozzle to your standard temperature
  • Raise the z-axis to eye-height
  • Pull out the filament from the teflon tube with the extruder

1. Put a needle trough the Nozzle #

Your printer will most likely come with a small needle that fits the nozzle (typically 0.4mm). Put the needle into the Nozzle and move it up and down a few times.

2. Clean filament off with a brush #

Remove the plastic cover of the hotend to expose the hotend and nozzle. Brush the plastic off with a Copper Brush in one smooth forward and backwards motion.

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